8 tips to getting the most from attending a conference - 30 day content creation challenge


Attending a conference or business event? Get the most value out of it by being prepared.

There is something about attending a live event that you just can’t get in online meetings, mentoring groups or when you Skype. Live events can definitely be a good step for your business (if you pick the right conference), but remember that they are an investment and should come with some evaluation of the ROI (return on investment) you’ll get from attending.

Beside the event ticket itself, which even if it’s free, can incur other significant costs when it’s all factored in, such as time, travel costs, accommodation, meals, and other activities you take part in outside of the event itself.

{Who doesn’t want to spend some time sightseeing in a new city, right?}

I want you to take advantage of every opportunity around an event, and I’m not just talking about AT the conference because there are opportunities before and after you attend a conference too.

Watch the video below to discover 8 ways that you can prepare yourself to get the best value for your business out of attending a live event. {Click here if you don’t see the video player below.}



Key Takeaways To Prepare for Attending A Live Business Event:

  • Have a goal of what you want to accomplish or get out of the event
  • Pick 3 people whom you would most like to meet. Make it happen!
  • Network in Facebook or LinkedIn groups dedicated to the event.
  • Follow the event hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – join the conversation!
  • Interact with other attendees and build rapport by liking, commenting, and sharing what they post on their blog and social networks.
  • Share photos, key quotes or points made by a speaker, or write a blog post reviewing the event. (It’s an effective way to get on the radar if you want to speak at the next event or collaborate with other attendees).


Your turn!

Do you evaluate a conference before investing in it for your business?

How do you prepare before attending a live event?


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