Speaker One-Sheet Design Templates

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Entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and consultants often uplevel their business by speaking on stage, presenting keynotes at conferences and live events, and even speaking virtually online on podcasts and telesummits.

If you want to get booked to speak, one thing event planners ask for is a one-sheet – which is just a summary of your most popular speaking topics, some testimonials, and all your contact details and social media links, usually provided in PDF format. You can save a speaker one-sheet pdf on your speaking page on your website, or simply email it along with your speaking proposal.

It’s not hard when you know what to include AND have a layout template that you can follow, step by step.

I know you can do this…Even if you have the graphic design skills of a 4 year old and don’t know a sans serif from a hex number.

I created a super easy to use speaker one-sheet design template bundle, which includes:
  • 8 variations of the one-sheet templates that can be customized in less than an hour to create a branded speaker one-sheet pdf to send for speaking applications or have as a downloadable file on your website
  • a Canva/one-sheet design tutorial video (15min)
  • a branding quiz to discover your fonts and colour combinations
  • a workbook on getting booked to speak, including a worksheet on all the text/copy someone would need for a one-sheet
  • resources list of my favourite free tools stock photos, font picker, colour picker, and a super easy tool to remove white background from photos (in 30 seconds!)
Click here to watch a 2 min overview video of all the designs in the bundle, with an example of some finished, branded one-sheets.

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