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Content Creation

The Power of Being Unpopular: 3 things you can learn from angry email unsubscribes


YOU SUCK. That’s what I “heard” when I saw the email. I won’t lie to you – it hurts. I’m a sensitive person, and sometimes I forget to put my big girl pants on when I get up in the morning. (image source: Creatista via DepositPhotos.com) Let’s face it, as a freelancer with the ability […]


Does Blogging Have to Be Epic To Be Valuable?


What is stopping you from starting a blog for your business right now? Or from writing more posts for your existing blog? Don’t think you have enough to talk about? Worried about search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords and the right length of a post? (Or maybe you’re not even sure what SEO means!) Not sure […]


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