Easy email marketing: how to set up your first funnel FOR FREE with Mailchimp to start growing your email list and getting leads

…so you can stop paying expensive monthly fees + start growing your email list + getting sales,

Even if you’re not very tech savvy + don’t know much about graphic design or websites!

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If you’re just getting started with your online business or you’re ready to uplevel your marketing efforts

… whether it’s selling digital products or online courses or 1:1 services …

  then you’re going to love this step-by-step course that gives you everything to set up your email list + forms, send beautiful newsletters or automated emails + grow your list (and make sales)

… even if you’re not Very tech savvy or you don’t have a website yet!



Set up





  • Know which email service makes sense for your tech skills, budget, and business level
  • Have your email list, opt-in form, and welcome email set up
  • Have a template email with your own branding, photos, social sharing, and optional button
  • Know how to create an automated email sequence (to nurture your new subscribers for the know-like-trust factor!)
  • Feel confident about setting it all up yourself!
  • And you’ll have your first marketing funnel! So you can grow your email list, provide value for your subscribers, and invite them to buy your offers and services!


Part 1 – Plan:
  • Which email service is right for you? Some questions to help you decide!
  • GDPR – What is it & why you need to be aware (even if you are not in the EU!)

Part 2 – Set Up Your Email List + Forms:

  • Choose only the forms you need, and set them up properly!
  • Design your form – so it looks beautiful with your own branding
  • Design your template email – using premade templates or creating your own design to reuse; changing colours + fonts; adding photos, pdfs, buttons, social sharing
  • Set up your landing page + get people to sign up for your newsletter or freebie

Part 3 – Automation:

  • Deliver your freebie
  • Create your welcome email + automated email series
  • Segmenting your list + adding tags to organize your subscribers


Part 4 – Automation:

  • Share + grow your list!
  • Tips for encouraging more subscribers (Opt-in Freebies!)


  • If you are still manually sending business newsletters and offers via Gmail, Yahoo, etc and you want an easy to use email service so you look more professional (psst… legally you need to do this too so people can unsubscribe if they wish).
  • If you are just starting online marketing.
  • If you are unsure which email service is right for your budget, tech skills, business needs.
  • If you have tried setting up Mailchimp, but got lost… or if you are ready for more advanced features such as automated emails sequence, segmentation, opt-in forms + landing pages (without paying for expensive LeadPages or Clickfunnels!)
  • If you are ready to grow your email list fast (Hint: learn how + where to add your forms + share them so people sign up).
  • If you want to finally understand what a “marketing funnel is” and how to easily create one…even if you are not very tech savvy, and don’t have a website yet (yes, you can even do this with just your Facebook business page!)

In case you don’t already know who I am…

Hi, I’m Angelique!  {Tech Demystifier, world traveller, foodie + dog lover}

If online tech scares or frustrates you, I’m the geek you want to meet! I’m your “online tech BFF” and business wingwoman helping coaches, speakers and solopreneurs to create an irresistible online presence, automate so they can upscale, and wrangle systems and tech so they can make more impact and money, more easily. My mission is to help soul-centred female entrepreneurs be fearless in the face of tech so they can spread their message and make a bigger impact while ditching the online overwhelm!

How do I help my clients?

– webinar and marketing funnels… Skip the tech headaches and overwhelm, and leave the systems set up to me, so you can work in your own zone of genius!

– web design and other online graphics such as sales pages, webinar slide decks, digital brochures, social media and blog graphics, infographics 

– 1:1 online marketing strategy and done-for-you tech implementation to plan all your content creation so you can follow the blueprint, ditch the uncertainty and overwhelm, and start creating (and repurposing) your evergreen content (blogs, videos, FB Lives, social media, posting schedule) …or set up your online course/group program delivery, webinars, Facebook challenges, list building activities, marketing and sales funnels, Facebook Lives, Messenger bot funnels, lead magnets and optin pages.

Let’s connect! Just send me an email (BrightSparkSocialMedia@gmail.com) if you want me to help you create an irresistible online presence!


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