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Everyone loves free stuff right? {I’m guessing that’s why you clicked the “free stuff” tab. Either that or you’re just having a look around my website, which is totally cool too.}


Just pop your name and email in the box, and when the Toolkit is ready (coming soon) I’ll send it over pronto. (But don’t worry, there’s already a special graphics-creation surprise waiting for you in the meantime.)

I’m putting together some resources that I get asked about all the time, and those questions revolve around quickly and easily creating website graphics, blog photos and other branded graphics that make you look like a pro and stand out when those pics get shared on social media.

So I’ll be sharing a whole mega-packed website graphics toolkit, including:

  • 20 best places to find free photos to use on your website, blog and social media
  • Free tools and plugins I use every day in my business to create graphics quickly (even though I’m not really a graphic designer…so YOU can do this too!)
  • 2 of my fave apps that you can use on the fly to turn your own photos into share-worthy graphics right on your Smartphone in 1 minute or less
  • A checklist to make sure all your images on your website are optimized (that just means they make Google happy!) – so they aren’t huge and take forever to load (because 5 seconds is WAY too long to wait) and so you can help Google find your website too.
  • A worksheet to help you plan out your image library, create graphics in batches to save time, and determine how you can reuse and repurpose your existing graphics in different ways so you get more views and shares from each image.


Even though you might not be ready (yet) to fully commit to a brand new website, there’s no reason you can’t freshen up your website, blog and social media graphics and get a head start on creating an awesome brand that’s totally unique to you! Plus get some of that Google love happening so your dream clients can find you when they search for your services and products, and they fall in love with you when they do land on your website.

Get the FREE Website Graphics Toolkit…

just pop your name and email in the orange box below, and when it’s ready, I’ll send it over pronto.

(In the meantime, you’ll get a free graphics-creation surprise.)


Imagine being able to spend less time on your website and not slogging away for an hour or more each day doing social media, yet get found in a search by your ideal clients.

Imagine quickly creating graphics that match everywhere – on your website, your Facebook and Twitter cover, social media post images, your newsletter, and your blog graphics…in an hour a week or less!

Imagine superstar clients that you love to work with joining your email list, commenting on your blog, sending personal email requests, and buying your products and services because they can’t wait to get more of what you offer.

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