Get more google reviews - 30 day content challenge


Make it easy for people to give your business a testimonial with a direct link to your Google Review page:

While claiming your Google My Business page is the first step towards getting your business to show up closer to the first page of a Google search, having a handful or more positive reviews on Google helps your SEO as well as giving credibility and trust to your potential customers.


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Spread the word about your business and help it to rank higher by encouraging past customers to leave a review. They can simply give it a star rating, or for better social proof, they can give a more detailed review of how your services help them, or how much they like your products.

There is a lot of power in customer ratings, rather than a glowing description posted by a company or product developer. Sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor take full advantage of the word of mouth referrals that reviews can generate.

{When was the last time you travelled and didn’t do a search for your hotel or restaurant? If you saw there were poor customer reviews, did you quickly move on to the next one? I’m guessing the answer is yes.}

Send happy customers + past clients to give you a Google review with a direct link! Learn how: Share on X


Send people directly to your Google My Business review page.

Instead of hoping that someone takes the time to find your Google My Business page and post a review, here’s a way to make it very easy for them.

After you complete a project or finished working with a client, you could email or direct message them, and include your link directly to the popup asking for a review of your product or service right on your Google My Business page.

You could include a message like: “If you like what we do, please consider helping us to reach others by adding your review of our service to this page”.


Locate your Google Page URL by logging in. You will see a long string of numbers (or maybe your custom name if you have claimed it). This is what it might look like, and you will just need to copy that sequence of numbers:

This is the Google+  URL for my Bright Spark Media page:


To direct people to your review option, the URL should look like this:

A quick access review box will popup over your Google+ Page, making it easy for people to leave a review.

Otherwise, as you see in the screenshot below, it’s not even obvious where the reviews are!

Though it did take a few seconds for the popup to appear on my computer.


google review popup for bright spark media google my business page


Isn’t that a useful trick, to send people directly to your Google My Business page to leave you a review? Quick and easy means people are more likely to leave you a testimonial, which in turn helps your business to get found online. The businesses with more Google reviews seem to show up higher in a Google search, which isn’t surprising.


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