Tutorial video + step-by-step guide on how to embed videos from YouTube to your web page or blog post.

Here are two different ways to add a video that you have uploaded or found on YouTube and add it to your blog post or web page.

Note: if you have a website created with the Divi theme, you can also use the Divi Page Builder, and simply add a “video module” then add the video URL in the specified location.

You can watch the tutorial video here – or it is embedded in Method 1 below on this blog post.

Method 1 – embed video using YouTube code

The old, more cumbersome way to embed video in a post is to use the video embed code that you grab from the “share” section under any YouTube video. In some ways this is better as it the YouTube player, and is obvious that it is a video player.

  • Find a video you like.
  • Below the video you’ll see a “Share” option. Click that, then choose “Embed” (not Share) to display a box with the code you need. If you click “show more” you have the option of specifying the video size and whether to show the video controls.
  • You would need to write up your blog post, add any images and links as desired, then switch from “visual” editor to “text” (HTML) editor, and place the embed code where you want it to appear in your blog post.
  • Preview the blog post, then hit “publish” if you are ready to publish it, or “update” if you are re-saving your changes.
  • If you switch back to the “visual” editor tab, you’ll just see a grey box representing your video – don’t worry, your embedded video will play normally when it is viewed in your blog post.


This is what the embed code looks like for a YouTube video:

Embed code for a YouTube video - hit Share then Embed to grab code


Note: It will not work if you simply drop the embed code into a post if you are on the “visual” tab! Remember to switch to the “text” tab, and do this after you have perfected your blog post.

Method 2 – add video URL to embed video instantly in blog post

Since WordPress updates in 2015, you can quickly and easily add a YouTube video URL directly into your page or blog post, and it is automatically detected and recognized as a video. To embed videos now, all you need to do is drop the URL (link) of your chosen YouTube video into your blog post. That’s it!


Try it yourself – be sure to hit preview and decide which video embed method is more visually appealing on your blog post. Then pick the easiest way to add a video to your website.



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