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This is a small sample of recent web design projects, as well as sales pages / landing pages to promote your course, product, webinar, thank you page, or opt-in lead magnet.


Custom Web Design  |  Customized, Branded Graphics |  Photography  |  Video  |  Social Media Training | Online Scheduling + Payment System

Custom Web Design + Graphics + Photography

Brenda Lainof. Abundance strategist, speaker, medical intuitive.

Website: www.WhisperingEnergetic.ca

Project Details:

This was a Custom Web Design service + the “Foundation for Success” package. Brenda wanted a fresh new look. Her old website was not responsive, and was difficult for Brenda to make any changes herself, even updating her blog. I kept her branding colours and by changing the layout and background, and adding some customized branded graphic elements and buttons, it changed the whole vibe of her colour scheme, making it more friendly and inviting for Brenda’s coaching and holistic business.

Brenda has a new, easy to maintain mobile-optimized website, where she can easily update her weekly podcast episodes and let clients schedule and pay online with the integrated booking system.

Brenda and I have worked together on several occasions, including professional photos (casual “lifestyle” session and speaking photos), email marketing, and social media coaching.

If you are a naturopath, reiki practitioner, nutritionist, massage therapist, yoga instructor, or fitness trainer, I can help build a health and wellness website to showcase your skills and educate your customers to the benefits of holistic alternatives.

“I love the fresh new look!”

Before working with Angelique, my website felt dark and outdated. It was challenging for me to change anything on my website myself, even simple wording changes because I was afraid of breaking it. Now it seems so easy. Angelique took my existing colours and made them seem bright and fresh in the new design, and the photos she took and personalized graphics she created really make me feel like I finally have a professional image.

Brenda Lainof. Abundance strategist, speaker, and energy practitioner, WhisperingEnergetic.ca

“I love it! I will strongly and proudly recommend you and your work.”

It is amazing.  You have done such a detailed and professional job and so timely considering your wait for things from me.  I love what you’ve done with the photos scrolling on the bio page.  I think this is very tasteful, clear and beautiful.  I love it all at first glance.

Many thanks, I will strongly and proudly recommend you and your work.  You have been patient, helpful and are so obviously full of much more information than I could grasp.

Joni Lynn Peters. Competitive rider, dressage trainer, equestrian coach. JoniLynnPeters.com

“My new website design feels so me! Perfect combination of friendly and professional.”

I’ve learned that there is so much to think about when creating a website. It’s not just a design, it’s how pages or blog posts lead to one another. It’s online security, and keeping things up to date. Now I understand that design is just one element! Angelique’s tutorial videos and step by step instructions for each part of my website make it easy for me to create my own blog posts and update my web pages myself, and I like that I can refer back to them for a refresher. Thanks Angelique! I couldn’t have done this without your help.

Shelley Kvamme-MacDonald, CPA, AccountantInKelowna.com

“THANK YOU…for your help and guidance [on the new] website and advising on social media, contacts, and so much more.”

I would like to thank Angelique Duffield of Bright Spark Media for all her help and guidance recently putting together a website and advising on social media, contacts, and so much more. Her expertise was immense, and the hours she spent with us in developing the website, teaching us how it works, what is important, and how to make changes, and so on was so unbelievably generous. Thank you so much for your time and guidance and patience for those of us that are new to this.

Lara Cody, Kelowna, BC

"Start Smart" Web Design

Shelley Kvamme MacDonald, CPA, CGA.

Website: Www.AccountantInKelowna.Ca

Project Details:

This was a “Start Smart” Website Design package. Shelley’s bookkeeping and accounting practice was flourishing, and she was ready to go pro and set up a website for her accounting business. We discussed colour palettes and chose colours that were bright yet reassuring. Shelley also needed some professional photos that captured her approachable and down-to-earth personality.

Shelley and I have worked together on several occasions, including professional “lifestyle” photos and social media training.

If you are a bookkeeper, accountant, or money coach, I’d love to design a website for you too.

“Start Smart” Web Design  |   Photography  

Custom Web Design  |  Customized, Branded Graphics 

Custom Web Design + Graphics

Bliss Bakery + Bistro, Kelowna, BC.

Website: www.BlissBakery.ca

Project Details:

This was a Custom Web Design project + custom graphics. Bliss Bakery’s old website was not responsive, and the use of the Adobe Flash video player meant that their beautiful welcome video was not visible at all on iPhones or iPads.

Bliss wanted a better flow and usability for an improved customer experience, and wanted to add information and downloadable menu to feature their growing catering business. They also have several of their cafes in beautiful locations, so featuring some of the local area in photos to entice visitors and tourists to the lakeside or cultural district location was also important.

Finally, they also wanted to be able to update their website themselves, so they could easily change menus, opening hours, photos, and feature seasonal specials.

I can help you with your coffee shop, cafe or restaurant web design too!

Sales Pages, Landing Pages, and other special web page layouts.

12 Faves of Christmas - landing page layout design

Custom Web Design (Landing Page)  |  Customized, Branded Graphics |  Social Media Graphic “Shareables” 

Custom Web Design + Graphics

12 Faves of Christmas – landing page.

Project Details:

This was a custom landing page (sales pages or landing pages are single web pages that typically doesn’t have a header, navigation menu or footer) + custom graphics.

A landing page was designed to showcase 12 business owners and their free offer, thereby growing everyone’s email list (you had to opt-in to view this page and be able to download the special free gifts and resources) and introducing talented women to my own social media and email audience.

This could also be used as a membership site where videos, pdfs, worksheets, etc are offered after optin or after paying for a course (though ideally that would be a “locked” or “password protected” web page).

I can help you with your sales pages, optin pages, email marketing and more!

Custom Landing Page / Sales Page Design

Build Your Brand Weekend – business retreat sales page.

Website: www.BuildYourBrandWeekend.com

Project Details:

This was a sales page created to promote a luxury weekend business retreat. Branding, logo, colours, stock photos were all sourced or created, and the web page designed.

If you need your own sales page for your upcoming event, product launch, webinar, or other specialty web page design, I’d love to design one for you too. Contact me with your info and details for a custom quote.

sales page landing page layout design - Build Your Brand Weekend

Logo Design  |  Website Graphics  |  Social Media Shareable Graphics  |  Sourcing Stock Photos + Design Elements  

Digital Brochure (webinar or presentation slide deck) design

Custom Digital Brochure Design  |  (This could also be used for a webinar or presentation slide deck) 

Custom Design of Digital Brochure / Webinar Slide Deck

Digital brochure design

Project Details:

This was a custom digital brochure design for a new training program created from the brand “mood board” and text provided by the client.

A similar design could be used for webinar slides or a presentation slide deck or a sales page.

I can help you with your sales pages, optin pages, webinar or presentation slide design, or I can provide you with a stress-free “turnkey” webinar system!

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