If you are a tech-challenged solopreneur, it's time to ditch the stress and work smarter!

You’re growing your business, serving amazingly ideal clients, maybe even living the lifestyle you desire…but upleveling your business feels harder than you anticipated, and you’re ready for a little ease and flow.

If you’re ready to reach more people and make a bigger impact, and not kill yourself doing it, then it’s time to systematize + strategize your business.

As your Tech Demystifier and Business WIngwoman, I’ll help you to stress less and beat that tech overwhelm so you get the most important business systems in place with ease and your business works on autopilot

 and you’ll have more time away from the computer to spend with your family or taking that long-deserved vacation.

Want some 1:1 customized-for-you support for your thriving business? Uplevel your business and go from thrashing to thriving with ease. We can work together to turn your hot mess online into a streamlined, time- and head-ache saving system, and start leveraging your time and existing content. Either as part of a 3-month VIP Package or as a “Get It Done” Intensive session – Click here to contact me and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Ready for a new web design? If you’re ready to stop DIY-ing your website and look like the pro that you are, visit my web design page to see how I can work magic and make your online home a thing of beauty AND a lead-generating system.

Plus, I have some new full-service packages coming soon to take all the stress and heavy lifting off your plate, so you can work in your zone of genius as a speaker, coach or thought leader, changing the world with your message. See brand new options below!


Coming soon…

  • Turnkey Webinars – You already know abut the power of webinars, but the tech aspect feels a little (or a lot) overwhelming. Ditch the tech troubles and be set free with an entire “webinar in a box” system, with webinar slide deck design, webinar system setup (from signup page, to pre-event emails), and even a practice run and support during your live webinar so you know you’ve got it all under control. All you need to focus on is sharing your message and reaching a wider audience without all the tech challenges.


  • Want more time-freedom with less effort, while still making a big impact and giving your community the valuable information they need to grow and thrive? Let’s talk about “Evergreen Webinars“!


  • Marketing Funnels – the queen of online systems, so you have to sell less, launch less frequently, and keep bringing new people into your tribe, without feeling icky and salesy. It truly can be an easy, automated process that puts your lead generation on autopilot…freeing you up to actually talk to your clients, and enjoy more of the lifestyle you imagined as an entrepreneur.


  • Grow Your Team Concierge – You know you can’t keep doing it all by yourself. You can already feel the burnout looming, and you really DO want to get help…but you have no idea how to hire someone (the RIGHT person), how to train them, or even what you CAN and SHOULD be letting go of. It’s time to get YOU the support you need, using a simple process, so you can focus on the parts of your business that light you up.


More details on these done-for-you services and step-by-step training programs are coming soon!

If it sounds like what you need to uplevel your business with way less stress, just hit me up with your questions.


“Angelique’s service has been invaluable as an entrepreneur!”

Angelique provided an initial analysis of my current social media, blog and website and suggested how it could be improved. She provided clear instructions during coaching and later emailed tasks that made it easy to implement and keep me on track.

We looked at an overall online strategy including suggestions to help me promote my radio show and prepare for my guest appearance on a teleseminar. Angelique prepared the opt-in form, a special page with my free gift, and offered ideas for an ebook and audio series for additional revenue. She gave me ideas on how to reuse content and recycle it between my blog, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter – the tips were really helpful and time-saving.

Angelique’s services have been invaluable as an entrepreneur and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Brenda Lainof. Abundance strategist, speaker, and energy practitioner, WhisperingEnergetic.ca

Ready to ditch the stress and uplevel your biz with ease?

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